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Universität Leipzig

3LGM² Tool

a software tool to support strategic information management in modeling health information systems.

  • prototypic, platform independent, java-based graphical tool to create 3LGM² conformant models of health information systems
  • Facile, intuitive, graphical notation of the most important model elements: Enterprise function, entity type, application component, Database system, document collection, component interface, and physical data processing component.
  • Extraction of submodels to support project-specific tasks
  • Standard analysis functions and analysis editor to define individual analyses
  • Storage and export of models using XML and XSLT

3LGM² Tool Download

Download of the 3LGM² Tool

3LGM² Tool Support

Several information sources about the 3LGM² tool (FAQ, references to not documented functionality, discussion board) are available on page

Publications about using the 3LGM² Tool

Brigl B, Häber A, Wendt T, Winter A. (2004).
Ein 3LGM² Modell des Krankenhausinformationssystems des Universitätsklinikums Leipzig und seine Verwertbarkeit für das Informationsmanagement . In: Rebstock M (2004): Modellierung betrieblicher Informationssysteme - MobIS 2004. GI-Edition: Lecture Notes in Informatics P-45 : 21-41. Download

Wendt T, Häber A, Brigl B, Winter A.
Modeling Hospital Information Systems (Part 2): Using the 3LGM² Tool for Modeling Patient Record Management. Methods of Information in Medicine. 43(3): 256-67. Zur Veröffentlichung angenommen. Download


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