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Supplementary Material for "Health Information Systems - Architectures and Strategies"


This webpage provides you with supplementary material for the book "Health Information Systems - Architectures and Strategies" by Alfred Winter, Reinhold Haux, Elske Ammmenwerth, Birgit Brigl, Nils Hellrung and Franziska Jahn. The book was published by Springer in November 2010.
You can use the material for preparing your lectures on health information systems based on the book.


We thank Willem Jan ter Burg, our colleague from the Amsterdam Medical Center, who helped us preparing the powerpoint slides below which summarize each chapter of the book.

3LGM² Models

Many figures of the book show extracts of 3LGM² models containing hospital functions from the reference model for the domain layer or typical application components used in hospitals. Below we provide you with the models used for the illustrations in the book. You need to download the 3LGM² tool to have a look at the models and to work with them.

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